Tips For Coping With Your Divorce


At Evans Family Law, we know the emotional toll a divorce can take on families. This may be the most stressful situation you ever face, especially if you have children. We strive to help clients manage the legal and emotional challenges of divorce and child custody.

Every divorce is different, and the reasons for ending a marriage are very personal. Some people feel guilty that the relationship ended and are anxious about the future. It is important to experience and process these emotions, but remember that the divorce proceeding will end and your life will continue.

Ways To Manage Your Divorce Stress

Managing emotions from a divorce can be overwhelming and cause considerable stress. It is best to find an emotional outlet that lets you relieve your stress and helps you manage your emotions. Supportive family, friends and, perhaps, counselors are often good resources for people facing divorce, but try to avoid involving your ex-spouse and/or your children.

Here are a few ways to relieve some of the stress and cope with your divorce:

  • Give yourself time to grieve and heal.
  • Be nice to yourself and take time to relax.
  • Do your best to avoid negative influences.

How To Cope With Custody Issues

Try to keep your children protected from any conflict you are having with your estranged partner. Avoid discussing the legal proceedings or conflict, except to reassure them that you love them very much, that this is a matter for the adults to resolve, and that they should not worry because everything is going to be fine.

You may need to work with your ex-spouse on managing your children’s schedule. While working with an ex can be stressful, we have found that when people come to mutual agreements on custody and parenting plans, it is better for all parties.

Mediation is often a good way to resolve custody and visitation. It allows you to work with the other parent in a non-adversarial way. Additionally, it can prevent the need for a trial and keep children out of the process. It is best when children see their parents working together rather than fighting.

My case is still currently being dealt with, but I wanted to say that Kendall Evans has been and continues to be there for me in all ways. I feel very “safe” having Kendall with me and on my side. We have had one meeting with the opposing council and my ex, and Kendall dealt with the subjects at hand skillfully and was resolute. I am very pleased with the way in which things are going.

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