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Tough Subjects, Thoughtful Representation

Divorce, Separation and Parentage are Tough.


It is bad enough to have your family (traditional or non-traditional) break apart. Litigation or the threat of litigation associated with a family break up makes it that much worse. Most clients experience significant fear and anxiety around issues such as where their children will be living, how their children will adjust, how they will pay their bills, what their support obligations or entitlement will be, and how marital assets will be divided. The bottom is that family law cases affect parents and spouses mentally, emotionally and financially. We understand that this is a difficult time and that you may feel overwhelmed. That is why we are committed to understanding your legal needs and objectives so we can provide individualized representation. With our assistance, you can face these challenges and take positive steps to move on with your life.

Evans Family Law in Long Beach is a full-service family law firm, providing clients with the help they need while going through a difficult life transition. We can guide you through your case and help you work toward your most favorable outcome. We work closely with each client, ensuring that we have thorough knowledge of their goals and that we keep them informed of their rights and options.

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I was fortunate enough to be referred to Evans Family Law after reaching out to several attorneys. In a crisis situation with time of the utmost import Ms. Evans acted quickly and effectively. Going through a divorce and custody battle is very draining on many levels, but from the time I retained Ms. Evans my situation began to rapidly improve. I would recommend Evans Family Law to anyone and everyone who is in search of an attorney who will fight for their right as a parent and individual.

Mediation – A Great Option for Certain Cases

Mediation Can Save You Time and Money


Attorney Kendall Lynn Evans is trained in mediation techniques. She can mediate your case as a couple, or in more contentious cases, act as legal representation for one party in a mediation or private judge setting.

In many cases, mediation is a valuable tool for reaching an agreement without going to trial. Because it is not as adversarial as the litigation process, people typically find it less stressful. An additional benefit of mediation is that most individuals are happier with the outcome. It is also less expensive and time-consuming than a trial.