Experienced Guidance for Divorce After 50


Over the past few years, we have seen the divorce rate for couples over the age of 50 expand rapidly. Sometimes referred to as gray divorce, marriage dissolution for middle-aged and older couples requires a different approach. Possible lifestyle and financial changes are just a few of the unique concerns of a gray divorce.

Evans Family Law provides strategic representation for middle-aged and older adults filing for divorce. We are skilled, caring family law attorneys who will work hard to help people in Long Beach and the surrounding area successfully navigate complex divorce cases.

Meeting The Challenges Of A Gray Divorce

Divorcing during this time in your life makes dividing your retirement assets even more critical. One spouse may be entitled to a fair portion of the other’s retirement plan and assets. Our lawyers will analyze your unique situation and advocate for you in court and at the negotiation table. We can help you secure a favorable spousal support plan and property division settlement.

We can help clients with divorce matters such as:

Our lawyers recognize that deciding to divorce at a later stage in life is not easy. We will maintain respectful communication between all parties and work toward a positive resolution. We will put our California family law knowledge and experience to work to take care of your financial future and mitigate the stress of a divorce.

My case is still currently being dealt with, but I wanted to say that Kendall Evans has been and continues to be there for me in all ways. I feel very “safe” having Kendall with me and on my side. We have had one meeting with the opposing council and my ex, and Kendall dealt with the subjects at hand skillfully and was resolute. I am very pleased with the way in which things are going.

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