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We started Evans Family Law to provide the Long Beach community with effective family law counseling. We care about providing our clients with support during the difficult transition of divorce or separation. We have helped many separating couples and parents find peaceful and respectful solutions to their family law needs. We will use our experience to protect your rights with dignity and work hard to resolve your case.

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I hired Ms. Evans to represent me in my custody case. Ms. Evans was nothing short of an angel sent down to help me retain my amazing relationship with my baby girl. Ms. Evans is an absolute professional, and she is assertive with a soft touch. It is instantly clear from meeting her that she puts the children of the case first. Ms Evans helped me get what is fair and I now enjoy my daughter 50% of the time. I would definitely recommend Ms. Evans to anyone involved in a custody case. As I raise my daughter I will forever be grateful to Ms. Evans for helping me keep my beautiful daughter in my life.

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Negotiation, mediation or litigation?


Many family law disagreements can be settled out of court in a non-adversarial way, by relying on either negotiation or mediation. Evans Family Law has helped numerous clients resolve divorce matters, support disagreements and child custody disputes. Mediation lets you retain control of the process and resolve your disputes economically and effectively. Speak with us to learn how it may work for you.

Some matters require a focused litigation approach. There are some types of legal disputes which are less likely to settle without court involvement. In matters involving family law litigation, good legal counsel is essential. Evans Family Law has a long history of obtaining positive litigation outcomes for clients.

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Ms. Evans has been a pleasure to work with….During such a stressful time in my life, I couldn’t have chosen a better Attorney. I’ve recommended Ms. Evans to close friends and my family members – and so far all I hear from them is how satisfied they are of her work and staff. She has exceeded my expectations! I am definitely a happy client!

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Our practice focuses solely on family law, ensuring you get the help you need now.


Evans Family Law treats clients like partners in our problem-solving effort. Together, we work to provide a the legal services that will address your specific needs. Let us help you obtain a positive outcome in your legal matter by working collaboratively to develop the right strategy for you.

Family disputes can happen at any time. Our contact form is below. Call 562-346-3252 or fill out our contact form and we will respond to your message promptly.

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