Experienced Divorce Representation Can Protect Your Assets


Divorce can be an emotionally stressful and time-intensive legal process. If those facing divorce are unprepared for the process, they may give up more than they need to, simply to expedite the divorce proceedings and move on with their lives. We understand that and we respect it. However, it is our job to protect clients from allowing their emotional investment to cloud their logical judgment. We are here to listen, but we are also here to help our clients make informed decisions.

Evans Family Law serves the family law needs of Los Angeles County and Orange County residents. We will work to understand your particular divorce and your unique needs. We are a full-service California family law firm that will manage all paperwork and work diligently to help you resolve your case, whether you are part of a young couple with few assets or are older and have complex assets.

Your Divorce Is Unique

Parties to a divorce often report that the divorce process is grueling and emotionally disruptive. When child custody agreements or asset and debt division becomes adversarial, many litigants feel hurt and overwhelmed. Our lawyers will work with each client to build a case that renders the best possible outcome, based upon each client’s unique priorities.

Here are a few of the difficult legal issues we can help with:

Litigation Or Mediation?

In addition to litigation services, we offer mediation options, which can help some couples avoid drawn-out court proceedings. Mediation is a legally binding alternative to the litigation process, which allows participants to maintain control of their case and, to a great extent, their privacy. Depending upon the complexity of the case, mediation may take only a few or multiple meetings.

Just as no two marriages are alike, the process of moving through marriage dissolution is different for each family. With mediation, we have seen both parties walk away with a more positive relationship and a happier resolution for their children.

My case is still currently being dealt with, but I wanted to say that Kendall Evans has been and continues to be there for me in all ways. I feel very “safe” having Kendall with me and on my side. We have had one meeting with the opposing council and my ex, and Kendall dealt with the subjects at hand skillfully and was resolute. I am very pleased with the way in which things are going.

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