3 situations in which litigation may be necessary for divorce

Most people will go through mediation to address at least some legal matters when they divorce in California. However, mediation and other alternatives to litigation may not always be wise or successful. Under some circumstances, litigation can be the most appropriate option for divorcing spouses to secure a fair resolution. We explain a few of these situations in this post. … Read More

What happens if parents with joint legal custody disagree?

Sharing custody of a child after divorce can be a challenge for parents, but it is often the arrangement that is in the best interests of a child. As such, many California parents who share legal custody will have to make decisions for their child together.  This can create conflict when parents disagree on various matters. If you are struggling … Read More

3 steps you must take if you expect a contentious divorce

In this blog, we have talked about the many benefits of pursuing alternative dispute resolution options like mediation during divorce. We have noted that it can save people time and money, and it is generally a more peaceful way of ending a marriage. That said, options like mediation just aren’t realistic for some people. This can be the case if … Read More

Tips for back-to-school co-parenting after a divorce

Children heading back to school in California constitutes an exciting and hectic process. School schedules, practices and appointments, along with your own busy life may leave you relying on your ex-spouse often. To have a successful beginning of the school year, you may want to utilize specific tips. Your joint custody arrangement allows you to share time with your children … Read More

What should we include in our parenting agreement?

Deciding how to parent together but separately is often a challenge for parents who divorce or break up. There can be disagreements, confusion and difficult emotions along the way, and most parents aren’t sure of what to expect as they transition into a new parenting arrangement. This is why parenting plans are so important. These plans serve as a guide … Read More

What to do with the marital home during a divorce

A marital home can be the most difficult asset to divide when spouses divorce in California. Not only is it typically the most expensive asset people have, but it can carry great emotional value as well. As such, parties can struggle when it comes to deciding what should happen to the house in a divorce. Below, we examine three possible … Read More

Mistakes to avoid during trial or legal separations

Marriages are highly complex relationships. And as people and circumstances change, so does the marriage. This means that there is a lot of room between happily married and divorced. Many people decide to separate at some point, either on a trial or legal basis. In these situations, it can be important to avoid some common missteps that could jeopardize the next chapter, … Read More

Are there rules in mediation?

Mediating divorce-related matters is becoming increasingly common in California. Most people prefer to stay out of court and avoid litigation because it saves time and money. It allows gives parties more freedom to negotiate agreements that best fit their individual needs and circumstances. That said, there are rules in mediation. Should someone violate these rules, mediation can be unsuccessful and … Read More

How to prepare financially for a divorce

Deciding you want a divorce does not necessarily mean you feel nothing for your soon-to-be ex. As you move through the process, you will likely experience sadness, frustration and anger. Everything you shared now needs to be split, including real estate, vehicles, furniture and money. Many of these decisions may be difficult to make. However, preparing financially can reduce your … Read More

Should you tell your kids more about your divorce?

It’s natural for parents to want to shield their children from the difficult details of divorce. Moms and Dads don’t want their kids to see more fighting or personal shortcomings, and many parents think that by keeping information from them, they are protecting them from hurtful situations. However, once children reach a certain age, being in the dark about their … Read More

Crucial tips for talking to your children about divorce

Deciding to divorce is not an easy thing to do; telling your children about the divorce can be even more difficult. There are many suggestions for how to talk about getting divorced with your children. In this post, we explain three of these recommendations that can be particularly important if you and the other parent plan to pursue an amicable, peaceful … Read More

How co-parents can get ready for college

In the coming weeks, kids all across California will be saying goodbye to parents and heading off to college. As much as kids may be looking forward to this next chapter, it can be hard on their parents. This transition can be especially tough for recently-divorced parents who may still be adjusting to life after divorce. To make this difficult … Read More

In divorce, past does not have to be prologue

The inscription on a figure outside the National Archives Building in the nation’s capital reads, “What is past is prologue.” It is attached to a statute that’s entitled Future and traces its roots to Shakespeare. The typical interpretation of the phrase is that past experience offers a prediction of how a similar event might play out in the future. Such … Read More

Financial issues that plagued your marriage can affect divorce

Financial issues are among the most common reasons why couples decide to end a marriage. It’s not necessarily about having money or not having money, either. As one recent article notes, financial issues that lead to divorce can involve poor financial communication, keeping secrets about money and having different money values. If you are splitting up and these are among the … Read More

Why (and how) you should protect your digital data during divorce

Spouses often share just about everything. This sharing can make things easier during the marriage, but it can cause complications when two people divorce. This can be especially true when it comes to digital sharing. In fact, sharing digital data (including email passwords, social media accounts, cloud storage and even music) and access with your partner could actually work against … Read More