Tips for back-to-school co-parenting after a divorce

Children heading back to school in California constitutes an exciting and hectic process. School schedules, practices and appointments, along with your own busy life may leave you relying on your ex-spouse often. To have a successful beginning of the school year, you may want to utilize specific tips.

Your joint custody arrangement allows you to share time with your children equally. A judge most likely helped you set up specific days and times in your parenting plan to follow during the school year, but with busy schedules, you may find yourself rushing around. If you need your custody arrangement modified, it is essential to speak with an attorney before filing in court.

Ways to successfully co-parent with busy schedules

To make your circumstances easier during the frenzied whirlwind of the fall, you want to compromise with your ex-spouse as much as possible. Three tips may help ensure that your back-to-school activities runs smoothly.

  1. Be on time: Your parenting plan had you and your ex-spouse agree to specific schedules and time frames. If you show up late to pick-ups or drop-offs, you may create animosity between you and your former partner. It is essential to arrive on time and drop your children off as expected. When circumstances such as traffic issues or a child illness occur, ensure that your ex-spouse knows about the delay.
  2. Share a child calendar: Busy schedules create an environment for forgetfulness, and you cannot expect your young children to remember all of their nightly responsibilities. You and your ex-spouse may wish to set up a shared calendar. You have the ability to highlight homework assignments and exams, record practices and games and even schedule family-related activities without confusion.
  3. Attend events together: A difficult part of divorce for children may be the fact that only one parent attends school or game events. Coming together to watch your child’s play, go to your child’s parent-teacher conferences or watch your child’s sports activities adds more compromise to the relationship. As long as you communicate your presence with your ex-spouse, attending your child’s activities may help with co-parenting during a busy time.

Your child’s schedule gets busy when school starts, but co-parenting by utilizing tips to make life less hectic may bring your family on the same page.

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