Steps for Positive Co-Parenting After Divorce


Finding the right strategy for effective communication and co-parenting with an ex-spouse is not easy. Every family is different, which can make well-meaning advice from friends or family members seem generic. At Evans Family Law, we offer reasonable, actionable tips that help you work successfully within the law to create a positive co-parenting experience for your family.

Our full-service approach means that we offer help and support throughout the divorce and custody process, creating practical solutions to complex problems. We know that positive co-parenting after a divorce is a goal shared by most parents, who ultimately want the best for their children.

Our attorneys know from experience that successful co-parenting with your ex-spouse takes time. One day you might find yourself solving a scheduling problem and the next day it is a financial one. No matter what the challenge, there are ways to solve it.

What Can You Do?

Most co-parenting breakdowns occur when communication is inaccurate or untimely. See our list of suggestions for reaching a co-parenting strategy with the other parent:

  • Keep all information accurate, complete and timely (ACT). It’s always best to share information in writing. Text messaging may be easier, but emails are easier to print.
  • Create a digital shared calendar that can be updated in real time and shared instantly when changes occur. If your children are old enough, invite them to participate in updating the family’s schedule by keeping track of appointments and shared physical custody arrangements.
  • Keep a shared digital folder with children’s medical information. Online storage services and smartphone scanning apps can help you access information safely, quickly and easily.
  • If you cannot agree or if one parent is not respecting another’s right to co-parent, contact us to discuss a cost-effective mediation plan to resolve your complaints.

Most experienced divorce lawyers will advise co-parents to remember that everyone involved wants what is best for the children. Children in these situations will need consistent routines and predictable schedules. A good lawyer will help you take the time to find the right balance of strategies.

I hired Ms. Evans to represent me in my custody case. Ms. Evans was nothing short of an angel sent down to help me retain my amazing relationship with my baby girl. Ms. Evans is an absolute professional, and she is assertive with a soft touch. It is instantly clear from meeting her that she puts the children of the case first. Ms Evans helped me get what is fair and I now enjoy my daughter 50% of the time. I would definitely recommend Ms. Evans to anyone involved in a custody case. As I raise my daughter I will forever be grateful to Ms. Evans for helping me keep my beautiful daughter in my life.

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